The first modern archival institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovine reside in building of Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina.






Page from register with list of all documents related to building of Archives,  1885.

Building project was prepared since December 5. 1883, and building officially began on March 19, 1884. by project of Josip Vancaš. This Croat had his office in Wien, and got a 16,000 forintas as a salary. Invited on this task, he moved his office in Sarajevo, where he built a lot of representative buildings in Center, which presented a significant part for beuaty and urbanism of this city. For building Sarajevo's Cathedrale and building of Presidency he was in 1889. decorated by Knights Cross of Franz Joseph I. In 1898. he was decorated by Knights Cross of St. George by Pope Leon XIII. On exhibitions in Paris, Budapest, Zagreb and Osijek he got a worth awards. In Sarajevo, he was official representative of civil architects, Chief of communal building committee, theacher of drawing. He is one of the establisher of Techical Club, establiser of singer society, and also representative in Parliament (Sabor).



The building has been openned in November 1885. Since that, government bodies of Bosnia-Herzegovina have been resided here, and also here kept their archives, so that The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina was here


Ivo Andrićs letter, stored in Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he a half of Nobel Prize money gives to libraries in Bosnia-Herzegovina, April 17, 1962.

In development of our archival service, special building has been ordinary one of the priorities. One of the proposals was archival object in the frame of building for National Library. Author of idea decesion was well known architect Ivan Štraus. This square should be call The Ivo Andrić's Forum.