The first modern archival institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina

phone/fax: + 387-33-206-492
Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića 6, Sarajevo


Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina is an institution of Bosnia-Herzegovina that keep, protect, process and enable the use of archives and current records of state bodies, state and public institutions and enterprises, and corporate bodies, families and persons who perform their activities on whole territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina take over and protect, arrange, present and enable the use of public archives created until 1992, archives of institutions of Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and archives of institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina:

  •   take measures of protection of archives in repositories
  •   arrange, register, publish and enable the use of archives
  •   inspect the preservation and disposal of archives in agencies and register the owners of archives and current records
  •   inspect activities of archives and other owners of archives
  •   take over the public archives and collect private archives through purchase, gifts and deposits
  •   issue data and certified transcripts on citizens requests; issue documents in evidential purposes
  •   make and publish finding aids of particular archival fonds and collections
  •   microfilm and scann archives for secure purposes
  •   educate archival stuff
  •   publish archives, scientific studies and other publications,
  •   organize exhibitions, scientific and other meetings,
  •   cooperate with other cultural, scientific and related institutions of documentary-informational service.

The Archives Bosnia-Herzegovina:

a)   register archival fonds and collections in Bosnia-Herzegovina and care about archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina created since 1992, archives created through institutions of Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina;

b)   register archives in foreign archives relevant for Bosnia-Herzegovina;

c)    gives opinion to Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina on archival matters;

d)   represent interests of archival service of Bosnia-Herzegovina in international professional organisations and interstate relations;

e)   cooperate in professional tasks with other archives in Bosnia-Herzegovina, especially in field of education of archival stuff;

f)    lead mutual projects and in cooperation with other archives realize tasks of modernisation of archival service of Bosnia-Herzegovina;