The first modern archival institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Regulations on Reading room

Archives may be used in reading room, in its original form or in copies, and on request of competent person can be copied / scanned and delivered to user.Approval for using archives is issued by the director or his substitutes.Approval for using the archives is valid only for the person and cannot be transferred on other person.The person that want to use archives in ABH must submit a written application, which contains: identification of user (name and surname, date and place of birth, adress, citizensip, name of institution of employeer), theme of research, archives for use, date and signature.Users younger than 18 years in their application must give the name of mentor-professor, name of school and purpose of using archive.Users and researchers are obliged to submit their application 3 to 8 days prior to their arrival.Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina is obliged to enable user to get finding aids, inform him about archival fond and data which he / she wants.In reading room, every user gets case for archives and writting equipment.In one working day, user can order 10 documents as a maximum. If the way of research requests, user can get a more than 10 documents.For official purposes, documents are being issued, in principle, in a form of certified transcripts. This kind of services Archives cash as fees in accordance with Pricelist of services.Users are obliged to respect Regulations on Reading – Room.In reading room, users can bring just a paper, writting equipment and laptop. Smoking, talking, eating, drinking are prohibited. It is restricted to use any things which can damage archives.Users are obliged to correctly indicate name of the The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and deliver to The Archives one issue of published book or paper written on used and consulted archival records.Use of archives may be rejected if user manipulates with archives unproperly, harming its integrity, misuse data or uses them out of context, and if does not respect Regulations on Reading Room in ABH.Every intentionally damaging, destroying of theft of archives endure punitive provisions.