The first modern archival institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića 6, Sarajevo



    The charter of the Bosnian King Stephen Dabiša, dated April 26th 1395, is the oldest original document in the Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


    Archive has more than 500 valuable fonds and collections and their number is growing as time goes by. The total length of archival material kept in the repositories is more than 15 kilometers.


    The headquarters and main depots of Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina are located on the ground floor of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1947.


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Fonds and Collections

Archival records in Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina is part of our and world cultural heritage and they are state monument.


In 1956. The Archives of B&H drafted a project Fontes for examining political, cultural and social-economics relations in B&H.


The main archival act in Bosnia-Herzegovina is Archives and Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina Act.