Прва архивска установа у БиХ и члан Међународног архивског вијећа

telefon / fax: + 387-33-206-492
e-mail: info@arhivbih.gov.ba
Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića 6, Sarajevo


Users of archives also can use the fund of Archives' library. Funds of Library are completing by purchase, exchange with other institutions and by gifts.

Membership in Library is become by registration. Member card can be issued for one year and can not be transferred on other person.

Books can not be lent before inventarizing, cataloguing and classification.

Old and rare books, unique item, referal books (vocabularies, encyclopedia, lexicons, atlas and all periodicals) can not be lent out of The Archives.

Exceptionally, materials may be loan out of Archives in purposes for copying, mikrofilming or scanning, but they must be returned back at same day. For materials that can be processed on equipment of Archives, loan out of Archives is restricted. Fees for procession are regulated by Archives' Pricelist.

Archives' Library for loan out of Archives can asked a caution from users that not live in Sarajevo or if they are not employed. For books and materials published before 1945. this caution is an obligation. In case of damaging or loss of book, Library have right to keep caution as a compensations.

Users out of Archives in same time can loan three books as a maximum. In special cases (working on book, project, disertation etc.) director can approve a more, but ten as a maximum.

Users are obliged to return all books within a period of one month.

If user do not return book(s) within this period, Library have a right to cash compensation for price of book.

User who over step a period of loan, have no right for further loans.

Users are obliged to return books on time and in the good condition.

For damaged books and material, Library cash costs of reparation (restauration). In the cases of higher damages, user is obliged to pay a full value of damaged item.

In case of loss of book, user is obliged to get a new item of same book. If it is not possible, and if the item is unique item, user is obliged to get a copy of lost book within a period of one month.

Working time of Library for users is every day in minimal period of three hours