The first modern archival institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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In 1956. The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina drafted a project Fontes for examining political, cultural and social-economics relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina (19. and 20. century) [Građa za proučavanje političkih, kulturnih i socijalno-ekonomskih odnosa iz prošlosti BiH (XIX i XX vijek)], the procject of edition of archives. Very soon, the question of professional bulletin is started, so Archives took part in creating of Glasnik arhiva i Društva arhivskih radnika (No 1 in 1961).

Program in this activity was concentrated on archives about development of workers labour, but also on publishing of finding aids in unity form. Until 1972. The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina published 8 volumes of archives.

In 80's, The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina OFORMIO je a special section for research and publishing of archives. The only project from that period was publishing of sources for history of Comunists Party.

In project of publishing finding aids (began in 1988) were planned 44 finding aids the most significant fonds in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Until 1991, 14 finding aids (inventories) are published (10 in Glasnik arhiva..., and 4 as a separate volumes).

Here you can see all editions of The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Narodna vlada Narodne Republike Bosne i Hercegovine 1945-1948

priredila: Rosa Cvijović
Sarajevo 1983.